Here at SAWLMP, we believe it takes a village and that’s why we’re partnering with the brilliant UOttawa SALSA to provide targeted mentoring opportunities to self-identifying South Asian womxn studying the law.

It is our hope that through this partnership, these brilliant young womxn will see their hopes and dreams mirrored via representative Mentors who will serve as a guide to them as they navigate through some of the ongoing and challenging lived experiences of racialized women practicing in this field.

This partnership is in fact a decade in the making; many pieces had to align. It has been a long held vision of Creator and Program Director Naiyna Sharma who, as a U of O alumni, craved for such an opportunity herself while in law school. To finally be in a position to provide such an opportunity and connect with the like minded vision of UOttawa SALSA leadership has made this once dream now a reality. The members of UOttawa SALSA should know that their team has been conceptualizing this since an early Chai.Chat.Law. session in February 2020 at South Asian owned @lmlfhintonburg where, now Co-President, Priyanka Bhal was in attendance.

Sometimes good things take time, and we hope that this will prove to have not only been worth the wait, but turnout to be a long-term partnership as we also seek to empower UOttawa SALSA to join the discussions on the creation of the first chapter of SABA Ottawa.

We look forward to your participation and growing with you and learning how to best serve your needs.

With gratitude and grace, SAWLMP.

The Counsel Network

The Counsel Network, led by two phenomenal South Asian womxn as managing partners, is one of the most respected, connected and powerful lawyer recruitment firm in Canada. They specialize in providing the Canadian legal market with comprehensive, long-term talent management solutions. They are passionate about achieving the best results for their clients and candidates – results that build careers, firms, law departments, and that ultimately build success.

SAWLMP will be linking job opportunities across Canada, advertised via The Counsel Network, directly on our website moving forward to help you access opportunities and mentorship from one platform.

Feel free to also check out the numerous other resources they offer that might be of interest to you in the course of your career development.