Please note, Mentee applications are closed until Winter 2022. Mentor applications will continue to be accepted, however pairing will only be done in Winter 2022. For additional mentoring resources, please see SABA, FACL and the WLMP

Welcome to the South Asian Women in the Law – Mentorship Program (SAWLMP). Thank you for your interest in this important initiative.

The objective of this program is to provide targeted and concrete mentorship opportunities, that account for two important identity factors, those being gender and ethnicity. Studies have shown that gender and ethnicity can have a tangible impact on the challenges, opportunities, and power dynamics that racialized licensees encounter upon entering the legal profession.

This program pairs racialized licensees with Mentors in the legal profession who share similar identity factors in order to afford them access to a richer mentorship relationship. This mentoring relationship provides for a safe space for Mentees to discuss potential barriers they may face in their career development, and acquire advice on how to overcome them, and essentially step into their power.

Your support and participation in this program is crucial to shifting the narrative for this segment of prospective and existing racialized licensees. Through sharing your experiences both positive and negative, you are not only reclaiming your own voice and seat at the table, but also supporting other women such as yourself by pulling out a chair for them.

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